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This post provides a daily update of COVID-19 data shared by John Hopkins University. It shows the trending lines for countries with the highest number of reported deaths and summarises key data changes

For more detailed analyses and visualisations, view COVID-19: 28 days later…

Latest data

Countries with more than 200 deaths attributed to COVID-19cumulative_deaths_Worldwide

Data are actual counts per country. They have not been scaled to account for differences in population sizes. There is no information regarding the accuracy of the counts being reported. Reliability may vary by country.

Change log

29 March 2020: Worldwide visualisation updated to count from day when at least 100 deaths recorded. 3 countries added (all listed as ‘United Kingdom’ for country in source data) and a cruise ship. N.America: Anguilla, British Virgin Islands, Turks and Caicos Islands; Cruise ships: MS Zaandam

28 March 2020: Asia: Burma (Myanmar) added. Switzerland added to list of countries with at least 200 reported deaths.

27 March 2020: N.America: Two states added to Canada: Northwest Territories and Yukon. Europe: Kosovo added. Belgium added to list of countries with at least 200 reported deaths.

26 March 2020: Four countries added to source data. Africa: Guinea-Bissau, Mali; N.America: St Kitts and Nevis; Asia: West Bank and Gaza. Germany added to list of countries with at least 200 reported deaths.

25 March 2020: First visualisation posted. US  cities and states no longer listed separately in source data.

Data sources and preparation

Source data for number of deaths recorded per country provided by John Hopkins University, updated daily at

The source data is organised as country/region and province/state. Some countries have internal states (Australia, Canada and China). For some countries, the regions are overseas territories. For example, the United Kingdom is listed as a country. It’s provinces include Bermuda, Cayman Islands, Channel Islands, Isle of Man and Monserrat. Denmark as a country has regions for Denmark, the Faroe Islands and Greenland. With the exception of the Isle of Man, overseas territories are treated as separate countries.

The two cruise ships – The Diamond Princess and the Grand Princess – are excluded from country counts.

‘US’ has been renamed to ‘USA’; Hong Kong is listed separately to China. All other countries are as listed in the source data.

Up until 22 March, the USA was detailed by city and state in Source data. From 23 March, only a single count for the country USA is provided.

As of 26 March, Canada has a region called ‘Recovered’. It is excluded from the count for Canada.

An additional field ‘Continent’ has been added to group countries by continent. Continent is based on the country listings provided by the World Atlas at as of 22 March 2020.

Country population data has been retrieved from Worldometer at as of 27 March 2020. Holy See land area added (0.44km2) and population density calculated based on land area (km2) for all countries.

Hospital beds per 1,000 population has been retrieved from OECD at accessed 22 March 2020.

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  1. […] The primary data source is the time series of reported deaths attributed to COVID-19 being published openly on Github by the Centre for Systems and Science Engineering (CSSE) at John Hopkins University. Data is being captured per country and, for some countries, per region. Notes about how the data and how locations are organised are detailed in a separate post: COVID-19: Daily Updates. […]

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