Joining Dots is me, Sharon Richardson. The name comes from a passion for exploring and explaining the potential in trends connecting people, information and technology. Balancing the art of possibilities with pragmatic realities and bridging human, social, technical, environmental and economic perspectives. Connecting the dots…’

I provide independent thought-leadership, research, and presentations for individuals and organisations seeking innovative applications of data and technology in the intelligence – decision – action’ cycle that underpins the performance and behaviour of all cognitive systems, human and artifiicial.

Current hot topics include the potential and limits of AI, creating ‘smart’ spaces, and how to adopt data-driven strategies without dehumanising the outcomes. Engagements range from individual guidance, meetings and workshops to multi-day activities and interim roles. If you have a project or idea that could benefit from a fresh perspective, please contact me. Details are in the sidebar.

In addition to independent research and consulting, as an experienced international speaker, I am available for conferences and discussion panels, and can provide comments for media purposes.

Conference bio

Sharon Richardson is a data and decision strategist focused on innovative uses of data and technology in human endeavours. She combines over 20 years industry experience with academic studies spanning cognitive, computer and data sciences. Sharon has a MSc in smart cities and urban analytics and is completing a PhD in socio-spatial data science at University College London. Industry roles included leading a team of ‘information work’ specialists across Europe whilst at Microsoft. With her independent practice, Joining Dots, Sharon provides thought leadership, research and evidence-based narratives to help individuals and organisations discover and apply insights from data. She publishes online at and tweets under @joiningdots.

Company Details

Joining Dots Ltd is registered in England and Wales, company number: 5800018. Registered Office: Hazeldene, Sutton Road, Fovant, Wiltshire, England. VAT registration: GB 889 703 269., and are the only domain names representing Joining Dots. Other domain names involving the words joining and dots are in no way affiliated.