Joining Dots produces independent analysis and visionary guidance about emerging trends, disruptions, and opportunities involving cognitive systems, human and artificial. Helping connect the dots to inform decisions

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Joining Dots was founded in 2006 by me, Sharon Richardson. The name comes from a passion for exploring trends connecting people, information and technology, and being a pragmatic optimist: balancing the art of possibilities with evidence-based realities, and bridging social and economic perspectives. In short, connecting the dots to help move ideas forward

Joining Dots followed a 12-year career in the IT industry that began with designing early digital knowledge management systems in the mid-1990s and led to working for Microsoft as the European lead for ‘information work’ technology specialists, advising senior executives at some of Microsoft’s largest customers and presenting at global industry conferences

In 2015 I completed a MSc in Smart Cities and Urban Analytics that resulted in a national award-winning thesis and am currently conducting doctoral research in behaviour analytics at the Centre for Advanced Spatial Analysis (CASA), University College London

In addition to providing independent research and consulting services, as an experienced international speaker, I am available for conferences and discussion panels, and can provide comments for media purposes

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