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This article contains visuals regarding the global impact of the COVID-19 virus during its initial spread.

Update: 1 May 2020. This is the last daily update in this format. As time goes on, showing unscaled counts and comparing countries because less appropriate or relevant. The main purpose was to view how the initial pandemic unfolded on a global scale

The global pandemic that is the COVID-19 coronavirus is the first to occur in an era of open source data and tools to learn about its impact. This article contains a series of visuals analysing the number of deaths attributed to COVID-19 worldwide. These statistics may be upsetting. If you do not want to view such information, please leave the page now.

This article plots countries per continent, showing the changing cumulative deaths daily from the day at least 10 deaths attributed to COVID-19 was reported, per country. For a worldwide comparison and details about the underlying data, view COVID-19: Daily Updates.

Cumulative deaths daily by continent

Data source: Centre for Systems and Science Engineering (CSSE) at John Hopkins University –

The following visuals show the cumulative number of deaths daily from the first day at least 100 deaths were recorded, per country, grouped by continent, followed by a chart showing countries with fewer than 100 deaths recorded. For comparison between charts, the 28th day is shown as a dotted vertical line on each chart. The y-axis scale varies by continent. As of 15 April 2020, Oceania is not included as a continent as there is no country with at least 100 deaths attributed to COVID-19.

Data notes

The data is retrieved from Locations are tidied according to notes in the related Daily Updates post. Counts are actual values. They have not been scaled to account for different population sizes. View COVID-19: Different Strokes, for scaling comparisons and explanation.  The accuracy of the reporting is unknown and may vary by country. For notes about preparation and the daily change log, visit COVID-19: Daily Updates

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All analysis and visualisation completed in Python 3.

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