The Gadget Show has just conducted an experiment. Two presenters were tasked with seeing how easy it is to get an audience on the Internet. One (Presenter A) was assisted by a specialist viral marketing firm. The other (Presenter B) just had a man with a camera.

Professional Approach: The marketing company produced an interactive online game and got Presenter A to produce a supporting video (that involved getting undressed). The game was seeded on various gaming and social networking sites. By the end of the experiment, it had managed over 200,000 hits.

Amateur Approach: Presenter B, after much faffing around, recorded a video of him doing The Caterpillar Dance in public, across pavements and pedestrian crossings. The video was posted up on YouTube. By the end of the experiment, it had managed over 1,000,000 hits and at one point was the 7th most viewed video on YouTube.

Like it or not, people will watch crap and share it with their mates. Marketers take note 🙂 You can read all about it here – Internet Star

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