A completely unrelated follow-up to Copyright Castles and Creative Tactics. (Read that post if you want on-topic, this one is strictly off-topic.)

I just found out that one of my local castles (Kenilworth) was given by Elizabeth I to Robert Dudley. I knew he was the Earl of Leicester, didn’t realise he lurked about Warwickshire. I wonder what the inhabitants of Warwick (the other local castle) thought at the time. You live and learn…

…oh the joys of Wikipedia. Just found out he’s even buried here. Might go and have a mooch at the church.

….and turns out his brother was the Earl of Warwick… guess that kept neighbourly disputes in the family.

A sign of the times. I wonder what would happen if Liz mk II started giving away castles today… try declaring that on your tax return 🙂

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