Joining Dots produces independent research and visual narratives to help organisations ‘connect the dots’, focusing on the possibilities and pitfalls created when people, information and technology collide. We investigate, analyse and present the evidence


Our strategic advice service for organisations facing or considering change. With expertise spanning business, technical, social and cognitive perspectives, we balance theoretical ideals with pragmatic realities to examine options, envision potential outcomes and articulate the choices

Behaviour Analysis

Digger deeper to evaluate current performance and opportunities to improve. We create evidence-based narratives from the quantitative and qualitative analysis of interactions and data. Outcomes can include presentations, prediction models, and interactive media

Knowledge Discovery

Our data investigation service utilises the latest advances in computational statistics and machine learning algorithms to extract latent information from within a variety of data formats including text, images and social networks.  Ideal for explorations into untapped sources for opportunities to create value

All commercial activities are client confidential. For a sample of published open research, please view Featured Content

If you have a project that could benefit from a fresh perspective, please get in touch. All engagements begin with an informal chat to discuss your requirements and find out if/how Joining Dots can help