Joining Dots offers independent analysis, guidance and facilitation to help organisations ‘connect the dots’ and realise the possibilities when people, information and technology collide

Intelligence Gathering

Investigative journalism for organisations and projects, mining data for behavioural insights. Utilising the latest advances in cognitive algorithms, machine learning and network analysis to extract knowledge from a variety of sources including text, images, conversations and social networks. The results can be delivered as reports, presentations and interactive visualisations

Strategy Consulting

On-demand advice to assist decision-makers responsible for data-driven investments. Bridging business and technical perspectives to balance theoretical ideals with the pragmatic realities of introducing change in human-centred systems. Reviewing systems and processes, presenting options and designing interventions to help move projects forward

Popular topics

Smart Cities Advancing the digitisation of urban environments to scale the growth of efficient, healthier and safer cityscapes. Trends include ‘internet of things’ (IoT), autonomous vehicles, and location-based services
Data Strategy Utilising advances in cognitive and data science to extract and apply new sources of knowledge in everyday activities.  From evidence-based decision making to adaptive systems and intelligent virtual assistance
Digital Futures Adapting and modernising information-based processes for the era of ‘mixed’ reality. How to benefit from new forms of access to and interactions with information and the productivity gains of ‘mobile economic time’

Activities are kept short and focused. Joining Dots provides the role of a pathfinder: connecting the dots to facilitate informed decisions

If you have a project that could benefit from a fresh perspective, please get in touch. All engagements begin with an informal chat to discuss your requirements and find out if/how Joining Dots can help