Joining Dots produces independent analysis and visionary guidance about emerging trends, disruptions, and opportunities involving cognitive behaviour, human and artificial. Connecting the dots to inform decisions

Hot topics: Artificial intelligence; Mobile productivity; Smart spaces


An exploratory service for organisations seeking ideas and solutions. Whether anticipating, planning or reacting to change, we help navigate the choices. With expertise spanning economic, social and technical perspectives, we explore the current position and desired outcome, incorporating trends and cross-industry examples to map scenarios and generate ideas. Balancing the art of possibilities with pragmatic realities. As independent analysts, we evaluate and present options without bias regarding future directions

Intelligence Gathering

Digging deeper with data analytics and cognitive science to uncover and examine the details. This can include linguistic and discourse analysis of qualitative records such as interviews and surveys, and quantitative metrics across a variety of data, including text, images, organisation hierarchies and social networks. Ideal for investigating situations, evaluating the feasibility of ideas and generating insights from untapped sources of knowledge

Communicating Concepts

Presentation and prototyping services, converting research and analysis into evidence-based narratives and interactive models to inform decisions. We condense topics into clear and concise explanations that can be acted upon. Individually tailored, we create and can deliver outcomes for audiences of all sizes, from board meetings to global industry conferences

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