Joining Dots offers strategy consulting in the form of independent analysis, visualisation and facilitation to guide investments in emerging technologies, balancing opportunities with their social and economic consequences

Key topics:

Smart Cities Advancing the digitisation of urban infrastructure and services to improve efficiency and sustainability, and scale the growth of healthier and safer cityscapes

Trends include: ‘internet of things’ (IoT); location-based services; adaptive systems; autonomous vehicles

Digital Interactions How technology alters access to and interactions with information, enabling new forms of decision-making, automation, coordination, and knowledge sharing

Trends include: mobile economic time; natural user interfaces; responsive systems; augmented reality

Cognitive Analytics Utilising modern algorithms and techniques to extract and apply intelligence from a variety of data formats, including text, images and real-time movements

Trends include: machine learning and AI; computer vision; contextual awareness; virtual assistants

Activities are kept short and focused. Typically starting with background research and data analysis to create evidence-based visualisations followed by workshops to present findings and evaluate options. Joining Dots provides the role of a pathfinder: connecting the dots to facilitate informed decisions

Joining Dots also offers a ‘Virtual Advisor’ subscription to assist decision-makers on a scheduled and ad-hoc basis, enabling short notice requests

Opportunities are not always what they seem and engagements often involve challenging the status quo. Recommendations and outcomes are always client confidential. View Featured Articles for content created using open data from ongoing research in trends connecting people, information and technology

If you have a project that could benefit from a fresh perspective, please get in touch. All engagements begin with an informal chat to discuss your requirements and find out if/how Joining Dots can help