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The Basics

No login account or personally-identifiable information is required to view any content published on this site. It is all shared publicly. However, to receive our newsletter, engage our consulting services and for any other communications, we do need to keep some basic records starting with a name and email address. We may store additional contact details when provided for communications only.

Third Parties

We do not intentionally share personally-identifiable information with anyone except when necessary with third parties who provide us with online storage and communications services (our “service providers”). Any other retrieval of data would be in response to a legal demand we cannot refuse or taken without our permission. We endeavour to avoid both scenarios but cannot provide any warranties or guarantees regarding the privacy and security of any information you disclose or transmit to us online.

The following are our current service providers:

  • WordPress: For web content publishing (this web site)
  • Google: For email, content storage and site analytics
  • Microsoft: For communications and content storage
  • DropBox: For file storage, sharing and synchronisation
  • Mailchimp: For distribution of the newsletter via email
  • Survey Monkey: For storing and analysing user surveys
  • Apple: For local and online storage of content and emails

These service providers have stated that they are compliant with the EU Data Protection Act and/or the US Safe Harbor Agreement.


You can choose to subscribe to our newsletter. To subscribe, please use the Newsletter subscription form. You will be required only to provide your email address and a name. Email newsletters are distributed through our service provider no more than once a month. A separate paper version is occasionally distributed.

You can remove yourself from the newsletter distribution list at any time by following the directions included in each newsletter you receive or send an email to with ‘unsubscribe’ in the subject line. We require an email to unsubscribe to ensure the correct email address is removed.


The only cookies used by this site are session-based to capture site statistics about your visit here to help with site design and content improvements. Other cookies may be used by the WordPress platform that is hosting this site. We do not have any control over WordPress cookies

If you are concerned about cookies, you can set your browser to warn before accepting cookies, or disable cookies entirely. Cookies are not required to access this site and you can feed them to the trash can at any time.

We think the EU Cookie Law is a bit ridiculous in its current form and have decided to save you the energy of clicking ‘OK’ to the above notice every time you visit. It’s a noble idea poorly executed.


This site does not contain any advertising other than the site itself being an advert for the services of Joining Dots Ltd. No information is shared for advertising or sales purposes with any third party. However adverts may occasionally be visible if included with embedded external content.

External Content

Please be aware that some pages on this site may contain links to and embedded content from external sites. Interacting with these links and content may take you to areas on the Internet that are beyond our control (cue ‘Twilight Zone’ music). We are not responsible for the privacy or security practices of external sites. If in doubt, don’t click or touch.

Copyright and Legal Notices

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Content, advice and opinions shared on this site are for information purposes only. No warranties or guarantees are made regarding accuracy.

Content Sharing

We don’t mind content soundbites being shared and used elsewhere for non-commercial purposes provided attribution and a link to the original is included. We do mind articles being copied in their entirety without permission and acknowledgement of the source.

We occasionally license images and research from third parties for use in our materials. Such licences do not cover reproduction of the content by others. If in doubt, please be respectful and contact us first before using our content.

Requests for information

If you have any questions or concerns about our privacy and legal policies, please contact us online or in writing to the address below.

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