A sample of keynotes, conference presentations and client workshops shared publicly

Mobile Knowledge Presentation

Mobile Knowledge

Presentation delivered for a meeting of the International Society for Knowledge Organization hosted by City University, London, in November 2014. Exploring the impact of mobile technology on knowledge sharing

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Degrees of Social Capital

A short talk created for organisations considering deployment of an enterprise social network, highlighting the benefits created within a social network that are different to other digital technologies

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The Inevitability of a Mobile Workplace

How mobile technologies are transforming the workplace. Delivered for Ovum Analysts at the Annual CIO Industry Congress in May 2014 and ‘Mobile First’ Enterprise conference in June 2014

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Bring your own… Everything!

Delivered for the British Computer Society Internet Specialist Group Forum in May 2014, to spark a debate about the future of IT

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8 Steps to a Successful Transformation Project

Delivered for the J.Boye Intranet group roundtable in September 2014 and the SharePoint UK Business Briefing at Microsoft UK in December 2013

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Predictability vs Unpredictability

‘300 seconds’ talk delivered at the head office of the Guardian and Independent newspapers in London, November 2013. The lessons that can be learned from embracing unpredictability to design better systems



Digital Trends Webcast – Gamification

How game dynamics in the workplace can increase employee engagement and business productivity

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Business Value, SharePoint and Digital Strategies

Delivered for SharePoint Evolves sponsored by AvePoint and Combined Knowledge, held in London in November 2013

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SharePoint 2013: What’s Different?

Delivered for the J.Boye conference in Aarhus, November 2013 and a client roundtable in London in June 2013. Exploring what’s changed in SharePoint 2013 for intranets and web content management

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The Inevitable Shift to Online Services

Keynote delivered for the Office 365 user group sponsored by Microsoft in London in June 2013, exploring the transition to cloud-computing scenarios

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Creating Successful Intranets

Half-day workshop delivered at the International SharePoint Conference in London in 2013, based on our two-day Intranet Planning Workshop for clients

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SharePoint Strategy: A Quick Guide

Delivered for the International SharePoint Conference in London in 2013, based on our SharePoint Strategy Workshop that is individually tailored for clients

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Digital Trends Compressing Processes

Delivered for Ovum Analysts Group at their annual Business Process Management conference held in London, November 2012

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Tablets for Information Work

Mini-research publication in October 2012. Evaluating the different options provided by the three main tablet vendors – Apple, Google and Microsoft

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Analysis of Cloud Computing for Social Business

Mini-research publication in October 2012. Evaluating the online tools available for social business and collaborative working

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From business requirements to technical scope

Delivered for the Business Track at the International SharePoint Conference held in London in April 2012


“We need a portal… now what?”

Delivered for the Business Track at the International SharePoint Conference held in London in April 2012

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Business Benefits Realisation Framework

Short summary of the Business Benefits Realisation Framework used to prioritise technology investments



SharePoint 2010 for Records Management

‘The Good, The Bad and The Ugly…’ Delivered for Unicom at their Records Management conference in 2012

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Imagining the Future Intranet

Delivered for Ovum Analysts at their 2011 Enterprise Collaboration conference. Exploring the ‘four horsemen of the intranet apocalypse…’

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Taxonomy and Search Challenges

An old favourite. Delivered for a group of taxonomy specialists within the UK public sector in 2008 – tips, tricks and gotchas when mixing taxonomy and search with reference to SharePoint 2007

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