Architect or Gardener?

When planning for a new system and its governance requirements, consider whether the system is transactional and in need of specifics versus collaborative and in need of guidance. Architect one and landscape the other.

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What does Web 2.0 mean…

Web 2.0 is creating lots of buzz at the moment, both positive and negative, and the inevitable ‘dotcom’ bubble comparisons have begun as the main players go into acquisition mode. I think it is too soon to be defining what is, and what isn’t, Web 2.0. But I do think it’s important to consider what it means and why it matters.  Read More

A portal won’t slay the dragon

When portal mania took hold in 2002, a simple enough question often went unanswered: “what is it going to help you do?” (As opposed to what it is going to help you know.) The following story could apply to any new technology that alters access to information  Read More