The following are the top 10 most popular articles posted during 2013 based on links shared and page views here and elsewhere. Looking through the list, the dominant themes were the maturing world of social business and collaborative work, intranet redesigns and new directions, and the disruptions to IM/KM systems caused by mobile devices and cloud computing entering the workplace.

  1. Collaboration is not the same as social
  2. Social networks do not need a hierarchy
  3. Employee activists and bad-ass users
  4. Creating a collaborative environment
  5. Intranet home page design
  6. Intranet home page variations
  7. Creating successful intranets
  8. SharePoint and Intranet directions
  9. The inevitable shift to online services
  10. Technology in the background

And a bonus post that barely registered interest with anybody but was one of my personal favourites: Being human trumps technology. As we digitise more of our activities in 2014 and beyond, it’s important not to forget the natural wonders of the world.

Enjoy! After this, the 2014 posts and presentations will begin…

Flickr image: ‘Human / Robot’ kindly shared by Emilie Ogez

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