A quick guide to developing a SharePoint strategy outlining the four steps to a cycle of continuous improvement

In April this year I presented at the SharePoint Evolutions conference in London, taking part in the business track. On the last day, I presented ‘SharePoint as part of a digital strategy’, looking at when to use SharePoint… or not.

The slide deck is embedded below

Background information

One of the most popular workshops I run for clients is a ‘Technology Strategy’ workshop. It’s part of establishing the vision, strategy and governance for introducing a new platform for content management, communications, collaborative working and process improvement. The workshop can be technology-agnostic or specific and is often the latter due to the continuing popularity of SharePoint, both on-premise and now online as part of an Office 365 subscription. The workshop maps platform capabilities to business objectives and aligns it with other technology investments, specifically any enterprise applications that may have overlapping features, to guide decisions when introducing new solutions. This talk is a condensed version of some key aspects from that workshop.

The workshop arose from seeing a pattern in failing IT projects. In most cases, there was too much focus on what the technology could offer and not enough appreciation of the cultural implications from introducing a new solution or business commitment to the changes required. This is not a new challenge for IT. But projects involving platforms like SharePoint or solutions such as Intranets are more susceptible because they have a high dependency on peoples involvement at all levels within an organisation. It is critical for the success of the project to align technology capabilities with cultural fitness and business priorities to deliver a positive outcome.

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  1. Just read this now. Your presentation is excellent, really clear and hits multiple nails squarely on the head. Extremely helpful. Thanks so much for sharing it.

  2. Thanks! Feedback like that helps motivate writing the next post 🙂

    If you are UK-based, an updated version of the presentation is being delivered during October. I’ll be posting details on the Presentations page shortly.

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