Keynote presentation delivered for the Office 365 Business Briefing at Microsoft’s offices in London. Exploring the perfect storm of trends transforming the IT landscape

I recently presented the keynote at the Office 365 Business Briefing in London. The theme of the presentation was the inevitable shift to online services. Exploring how a combination of trends such as the consumerisation of IT and the current economic climate are creating a perfect storm for traditional on-premise systems and the decisions to consider when transitioning to an online service such as Office 365. Embedded below is an edited version of the presentation, formatted for Slideshare limitations and online viewing. Enjoy!

Click here to view on Slideshare (with option to download a copy of the slides)

Some soundbites from the talk:

  • “Mobile economic time” – 30 extra days per year through using mobile devices on the move and in places where PCs aren’t convenient
  • Applications are no longer entering the organisation the traditional way. IT departments need to move from ‘Plan – Build – Run’ to ‘Plan – Organise – Monitor’
  • Cloud computing enables efficiencies within global data centers that in time will render local IT services as a competitive disadvantage for most (not all) scenarios
  • When faced with economic certainties, agile systems outperform ‘scale through standardisation’. Choose change or irrelevance…

flickr-stormcloudFeatured image: ‘Storm Front’ kindly shared on Flickr by LJ Mears


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