TED Talk 2023

Ridley Scott and Damon Lindelof have created a TED Talk of the future, featuring a character from their upcoming movie Prometheus (that may or may not be a prequel to Alien, sure looks like a prequel from the trailer).  You could argue it’s nothing more than advertising to help promote the movie, it could be equally fitting as a promo for The Terminator. But it does demonstrate the power, for good or ill intent, in delivering a strong and well-prepared speech.

Damon Lindelof also did a Q&A blog post discussing the thinking behind the idea

In really, really good science fiction the line between the science and the fiction is blurry.

Prometheus takes place in the future, but it’s a movie about ideas, and I just felt like it would be really cool to have one of the characters from the movie give a TEDTalk.

I can also highly recommend his favourite TED Talks in the article, I think Ken Robinson’s was the first I watched many years ago.

Here’s the TED Talk from the future:

Peter Weyland at TED2023: I will change the world

Link to the related blog post: Writing a TED Talk from the future – Q&A with Damon Lindelof

And link to my favourite TED talk: Ken Robinson ‘Schools kill creativity’ <- quite apt reminder given a new report just out in the UK stressing the need to encourage arts as much as maths and science in schools.

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