Welcome to the August 2009 Newsletter. As usual, a selection of links gathered during the month, organised into Systems and the dots that create them: People, Information and Technology. By the way, one of the reasons for creating this newsletter is that it expands all the shortened URLs that I’ve used on Twitter during the month. That way, if the URL shortener goes offlinetaking all the shortcuts with it, we can still access the original links. Key themes from the links: Digital social technologies continue to challenge traditional systems and not all changes will have a happy ending. In the tech arena, real-time web is becoming a focus – how to discover meaning amongst billions of micro changes. Enjoy.





And finishing with… not a chuckle this time, can’t find one in this month’s archive. Instead, a peak at next-generation technology in the movie industry. Well, not a peak really because you need glasses and a special camera to see the 3D effects 🙂 But here’s the trailer teaser for upcoming movie Avatar, set to be an industry changer (new form of 3D tech):

Anyone remember the awful film where a body crawls out of the TV set and into the living room? Eeek, in 3D… On a side note, it seems YouTube has suffered to the gamers. Every man and his dog titles their crappy video ‘ – official trailer’. It’s ruining the search.

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