Adam Bosworth key note @ Conference, September 2005

The talk has been posted on the web and referenced in Adam Bosworth’s blog. Talking about new models for building software applications. This is the short version:

Old model

Create an n-year plan to build a platform, write APIs that partners can use to write applications on top of your platform. You decide what features will be provided to customers, in the future. Examples: Microsoft, Oracle, IBM, SAP

New model

No grand plan. Release the initial application and watch what customers do with it. Observe and tweak the system. Build APIs when customers demand more from the application. Customers decide what features they need, today. Examples: Google, eBay,, Amazon.

Intelligent Reaction vs. Intelligent Design

Intelligent reaction = reacting to, and building, what people need, rather than planning and designing what you think they will need. Solutions built this way won’t be perfect… nothing in the real world ever is. But these applications will keep evolving in real-time driven by market demands.

nb: Adam Bosworth used to work at Microsoft and now works at Google.


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