OK, the title of the next one should be back to ‘links last week…’ 🙂

Before sharing links, we have a mini-announcement. Joining Dots has created a sub-site to focus on SharePoint and friends. The site – http://sharepointsharon.com/ – will have it’s own weekly newsletter to share links. SharePoint will still appear on Joining Dots, but in context of the focus here: connecting emerging trends and technologies that can influence how we live and learn. If you want to know more about SharePoint in detail, that’s what SharePoint.Sharon is for.

On with the link sharing. Usual topics: Systems, the Design of them and the individual dots – People, Information and Technology. Under Technology, clouds have been the most popular topic of conversation. Enjoy.






And finally, a video that everyone should watch. Whether you think you suffer from information overload or you tell people that information overload is not the problem:

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