The following is a selection of links collected from 9th to 15th June. Shared via Google Reader, FriendFeed and Twitter. Organised roughly by library category: Systems and the elements – People, Information and Technology.

Theme for this week? Quality. Some outstanding posts. They must have put something in the water…


People (and cognition)

Information (and process)




And finally, funny video of the week. For anyone who thinks they can/should control social networks and the conversations that take place within them. It will be as easy as herding cats…

Link to Herding Cats on YouTube

Closing comment. If you watched the full video, you’ll know from the end that it is an advert for EDS. The mistake EDS made? Any IT company can slice off the closing logo and you’d never know. IBM got it right by introducing the blue border top and bottom throughout their ads.


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