Haven’t come up with a Friday thought, so thought (ooh, there’s one!) I’d share a smile instead. And it is Friday 13th so, if you’re having problems with black cats and ladders…

In case you’ve never seen it, here is Boundin’ – a Pixar short story. Nice tale if you’re feeling blue or worried about change… or have simply never dared to walk under that ladder:

Link to Boundin’ on YouTube

Don’t need a pick-me-up? Let’s go for giggles instead. Two of my favourites – For the birds (don’t be mean) and Lifted (hilarious):

Link to For the Birds on YouTube

Link to Lifted on YouTube

Aside from great story-telling, I think the quality of animation – particularly facial expressions – is just brilliant. You can download the movies from iTunes. Playing them on my iPod when travelling into/out of London always gets me chuckling (and strange looks from the silent majority on the Tube).

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