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Big theme this week – the development of drugs to help your brain. Should/will they be treated like steroids in the future? Athletes who enhance their physical muscles are considered to be cheats. Will the same become true of students who enhance their thinking muscles?







Funny video of the week (think this might become a regular feature) – The Real Facebook:

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  1. The article discussing modafinil were a little over-enthusiastic, I think. It's more suited for people who have to say alert and watchful for long periods of time, rather than people who need to make better decisions. It would help night watchmen or troops on combat missions more than it would help a scientist or software developer.The comparison to sports steroids is ridiculous, though. Sports is more fun to watch when one team doesn't have an unfair advantage, but business and research aren't spectator sports, and there's no one to complain to if China has a competitive advantage over the US because people over there use it more.

  2. I'm not sure it's so ridiculous. On a global level, it may be harder to complain. But when entry into top unis within a country is so competitive, drugs to enhance exam performance add to extra tuition and all the other options to gain an advantage beyond raw ability.If nothing else, I guess it is yet another early lesson to remind that life is rarely fair…

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