Pottering about with various communication channels. I’ve started using Google Reader to share interesting blog posts (a.k.a a short cut for me to find them in the future). You can view them here. Twitter is proving useful for quick one-liners. And is now embedded on the blog site and web site home page.

But the most useful channel for gathering up links and posts is FriendFeed. It is currently aggregating this blog, shared items in Google Reader, my Twitter feed and I’m using it to keep track of blog posts where I’ve left comments and web pages that are interesting but not showing up on Google Reader. So the quickest way for a comms check is to check out the Joining Dots FriendFeed. It’s useful for me. Hope it is useful for you too.

[Update] I should add, on the Twitter front, that I tend not to use it to keep people informed about my diet, mood or the weather… Rather, it’s for links and one liners too short to warrant a blog post. And helps keep the blog reserved for posting more in-depth content (hopefully) That said, anything goes in Tweetsville during the weekend and after a glass of wine. 🙂

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