I’m thinking it would probably be quite popular. During my trip to Seattle this week, I picked up two new gadgets. A replacement camera and a replacement MP3 player. Look at the difference in the packaging.

The camera (it’s a Canon PowerShot) is a great little camera. Which is just as well because you get the box and it’s ‘whatever’. You open it up, wade past all the manuals, extract the camera, start charging the battery, etc. The iPod is a great little MP3 player. You get the box, open it up and go ‘oooo’ before you’ve even started using it. Now, you might be cynical and think so what? Well, that ‘oooo’ frames your emotion for when you start using the device and lodges a memory for when you buy the next gadget. The market for cameras is large and I had no particular preference before buying the Canon. It’s a great little camera but I still have no particular preference about cameras so the next one could be a Canon, could be something else. The market for MP3 players is also large. But right now, I am 100% an iPod fan, along with most other people it would seem.

It amazes me that no other technology vendor has tried to imitate what Apple has done, not only in product design (most laptops are still butt ugly, as are most MP3 players) but also in the packaging of the product. In case you never saw it, here’s the ‘If Microsoft designed the iPod’ video:

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