Just spotted this up on Techmeme from SearchEngineLand – Google Tests Additional Search Box Within Search Results. Check the full post for images to explain. Here’s the quick summary.

Your search results include sites like Amazon, Wikipedia and New York Times. For those results, you can perform a follow up search that covers just that site. It’s an interesting way to keep people using Google as the start location for search.

Sitting in on a session with FAST at the SharePoint Conference today, FAST had a great slide up showing online search as a long tail. Only 30% of searches actually start from the main gateways – Google, Yahoo, Microsoft. So that means Google actually only has a 60% market share of 30% of the market… in terms of direct searches. I daresay a fair few of the locations that account for the other 70% of searches use Google for their search… by the by, the idea of ‘search within search’ is another way of protecting and expanding that starting point for online search.

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