(Insert audio from Amy Whitehouse)

We only said goodbye with words
I died a hundred times
You go keep your Vista
And I’ll go back to X.P.

I’m typing this on my Apple MacBook Pro, happily running Vista as well as OS X. My little Sony Vaio TX is the one doing the singing. The message currently displayed on its screen:

The recovery process will delete all data on the partition(s) you’ve selected in the Recovery Menu screen. Are you sure you want to start this process?
Click [Yes] to proceed.

…and in about 50 minutes, XP will be restored and Vista no more.

Reasons for the switch back: Taking forever to hibernate (don’t tell me to use Sleep instead, when you have to remove the battery during a random security check at the airport…); doing anything seems to be taking longer by the day (the donut of doom); resorting to using Notepad when taking notes, to maximise battery life (XP + Word/OneNote is better than Vista + Notepad).

To be fair on Vista, the Apple is running it without a hitch (using Bootcamp) and has to cope with running SharePoint inside of Virtual PC on top of Vista. The Vaio hardware spec just can’t cope.

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