Following on from XMPP – aka instant messaging for web services. CIO Magazine has a useful article deciphering some of the different but related buzz words circling in the clouds – Cloud Computing: Watch out IT, it’s raining jargon.

It’s a nice breakdown of the concepts and some of the players involved:

  • Platform as a service – the next step up from Software as a Service. Examples: and Facebook
  • Grid computing – enabling scale through data centers, distributing resources across thousands of low-cost servers. Examples: Google, IBM
  • Shared resources – providing access to computing resources on demand, leveraging an existing infrastructure. Examples: Amazon, Sun and possibly even local regional data centers in the future

Microsoft doesn’t get a mention in the article. But Nick Carr has been keeping an eye on their data center plans. Their platform-as-a-service plans would appear to revolve around the various Live announcements. In the consumer world, Apple is putting devices into a lot of peoples hands. Their relationship with Google makes sense as the software and services for those devices seek out a home in the clouds.

I think the concept of shared resources will drive cloud computing in the enterprise, as IT services transition from in-house to out-sourced. One possible driver to encourage that shift could be the fanfare around reducing carbon emissions. At some point, ‘green computing’ is going to become popular, and switching your resources to a more efficient ‘cloud’ is going to carry favour.

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