Blogging is a bit thin at the moment due to other commitments taking priority, but just read a post that has to be passed on – Companies Without Conversation.

When Hasbro/Mattel hit the news a couple of days ago for trying to kill a Facebook application that mimics the well known game Scrabble, I rolled my eyes in despair. Whilst I understand they have to be seen to protect a brand else risk losing it, you’d think there’s got to be at least one bright bunny in there who would have thought twice before using the traditional route.

Companies Without Conversation is a brilliant blog post describing what Hasbro/Mattel did wrong and what they should have done, along with a couple of other good examples too. Well worth reading. And the post manages to throw in my current favourite metaphor – Meatball Sundae.

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  1. Sharon, Thanks for the compliment and the mention on your blog.Doug

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