Sooooooo, this week has seen the re-introduction of Google adsense onto the blog (and splattered all over the Library section of the web site). I am $4 richer this week and naturally expecting to be able to retire on my blog earnings in the near future… 🙂

It’s an interesting experiment, seeing what type of ads get served up for different pages on the site. The index page of the blog should prove a particular challenge for relevance, given posts range from specifics to do with Microsoft stuff and observations about emerging trends influencing business and social systems.

It’s even more interesting to see the fall back position. If in doubt, stick with the title of the site… The first 3 ads currently showing:

  • SuperDots Glue Dots
  • Buy Dip Dots
  • Better Quantum Dots

The things you learn through blogging. Not only can you buy Quantum Dots, you can buy better ones! Joining Quantum Dots…. now there’ a thought.

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