When instant messaging (IM) tools started to transition from consumer tools on the Internet to corporate tools within organisations, combined with the rise of spam, email looked doomed and IM looked like its successor. I’ve even blogged about it:

Turns out, I was wrong… it’s not instant messaging that’s replacing email. No, it’s gone bigger than that. The social networks are taking over! They want it all – IM, email, your profile, your history… you talk with it, social nets are going to manage it for you! :-0

Article in the New York Times – Inbox 2.0: Yahoo And Google To Turn Email Into A Social Network

And related comment by Marshall Kirkpatrick on Read/Write Web – Yahoo says the future will be modeled on Facebook

Companies who have already seen the future and consider Facebook as a potential replacement for their corporate intranet should patent their crystal balls 🙂 (see related post: Web Wisdom)

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