This blog may experience some odd behaviour, temporarily. I’ve modified the template and Blogger needs to republish it. And there seems to be a bit of a ding dong between blogger and my site’s FTP connection…. the short version, it’s currently stuck at 48%.

If anything weird happens, try hitting refresh and, if that doesn’t work, please come back later. Hopefully everything will be sorted soon.

(NB: This is being written assuming that I can actually publish this post when still stuck attempting to republish the entire blog)


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  1. Google reader is rendering the post fine 😉

  2. Even better, you're reading my blog! :-)Cheers Malc. It never did get beyond 65% but most pages seem to have updated.

  3. without wanting to blow smoke where smoke shouldn't be blown…yours is one of the the most intelligently written blogs I read…and therefore Google Reader has instructions to keep me updated 🙂 Hey more amazing I've started writing my blog again – should last about 2 weeks! Take care, Malc

  4. Now I am just blushing 🙂 …off to have a peak…Ping me offline – time to arrange that coffee!

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