Normal blogging will hopefully resume shortly. Below is a picture of one of the activities occupying my time at the moment.

I bought a knackered old house and its in the process of being gutted and made inhabitable again. Work activities have been busier than planned too (which is, on one hand, a good thing but has left precious little time available for writing)

A couple of links for now…

There’s been a healthy debate about social networking tools over the past few weeks, following Facebook’s various announcements. David Winer has an excellent post – It’s time to open up networking, again – that reminds us of the natural lifecycle that any technology goes through and why closed systems are a healthy approach to incubate a new idea but growing pains are inevitable as the idea takes hold and spawns new possibilities

The New York Times ran an article – Another Attempt to Match Readers and Relevant News – describing another start up (Thoof) looking to leverage social networks to aggregate news and filter through to the so-called truth. It’s an interesting and ambitious idea – how do we help people discover (and accept?) the truth when faced with so much information often skewed to the perspective of the publisher. Put simply, it appears to be attempting to use social networks to ‘out’ political networks…

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