Interesting spotting some connections between news articles and blog posts recently, looking at the commercial side of Web 2.0:

Dot 1:

Wired Magazine interview with Tim O’Reilly:

“One of the big changes at the heart of web 2.0 is the shift from the creation of software artefacts, which is what the PC revolution was about, to the creation of software services. These are services that ultimately, if they are successful, will require competencies of operation, of scale and the like….

…As far as I’m concerned, web 2.0 is still in its really early stages, and the reason is because the data isn’t all owned yet”

Dot 2:

Blog post by Nicholas Carr describing the data centres being built by Google and Microsoft:

‘Web 2.0 isn’t about applications. It’s about bricks and mortar. It’s about capital assets. It’s about infrastructure.’

Dot 3:

And it may be a spoof blog post, but the following post from the future (2017) announcing Google’s acquisition of the Internet has a whiff of truth about it…

‘Google Inc today announced they’ve acquired the internet for the astounding sum of $2,455.5 billion in cash… “This is in line with our vision to make information more accessible to end users,” says Eric Smidt. “With the acquisition, we can increase the speed of indexing as everything will be on our servers by the time it’s published.”‘

About those data centres… 🙂

[Update: 23 April 2007]

4th Dot – Is Microsoft’s Cloud OS actually a Cloud DB (Mary Jo Foley)


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