…same way as I managed to Blue Screen Vista on my Sony Vaio as it turns out.

Slightly different scenario this time. An Apple MacBook Pro with Windows XP installed, running Virtual PC 2007 running Windows Server 2003 🙂 Inside Virtual PC, attempt to eject a CD using the eject button on the keyboard and, if you’re lucky, you’ll just blue screen within Virtual PC. More likely, you’ll blue screen on the host. Place one finger on the power button, hold for 5 seconds… 🙂

Work around – use the ‘Eject CD’ option from the CD menu.

…aside from that little learning exercise, I now have MOSS 2007 (that’s Microsoft Office SharePoint Server 2007) running inside Virtual PC 2007 on an Apple MacBook Pro. Early tests indicate it is indeed running (a lot) faster than the about-to-be-retired laptop that was previously being used for demos…

I was hoping to have it ready in time for its first outing at a customer meeting tomorrow. But think I’d better do some more testing first to check it really is stable (I goofed up a couple of the MOSS settings during configuration and did a bit of fudge-hack to fix), and MOSS needs populating with some content to start looking a little bit more useful than the out-of-the-box screen in the picture.

Navigating around Virtual PC is proving a little bit of a challenge. The Mac keyboard doesn’t have a PC-style Delete key or right-hand Alt key. Both are somewhat critical for short cuts within Virtual PC. Rt Alt + Enter enables you to toggle between full screen mode (the image above shows Virtual PC running in a normal window on the desktop) and Rt Alt + Delete pops up the login box. Both options are available from the Action menu. That’s fine for bringing up the login box. But using the Action menu to flip into full screen mode presents a new challenge… How do you toggle back out of full screen? The Action menu is no longer visible and there appear to be no keyboard shortcuts that work. Alt + Tab will toggle you back to the desktop where you can shut down the Virtual PC, but try restarting and the little blighter defaults to its last known setting – full screen. Haven’t found a solution yet…

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