…or not, as it turns out. I can’t sync updates to the web site at the moment so some content is currently out of date.

I can connect via HTTP and FTP and see both local and remote versions of web site files. But all attempts to publish changes are causing the error ‘unable to find a web server on port 21…’ My laptop has recently been reset to its original state following an aborted Vista upgrade, and I’m thinking there is a setting somewhere I need to change but at the moment I’m clueless (all suggestions are welcome). I’ll post another update when I fix it.

I’m pretty sure that the problem is related to my laptop rather than the web site… although, I’ll find out for certain when I click Publish on this blog post 🙂


…yup, definitely a laptop problem…

[update 2:]

Making progress – FrontPage is now working. As suspected, it was a firewall problem. Manual attempts to fix failed, but FrontPage and Firewall had a little chat and agreed to be nice to each other. Now I just need to get Expression Web to join the party.

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