I’m having a bit of a ‘change’ month I think. I’ve just finished reading ‘It’s Alive‘ by Christopher Meyer and Stan Davis – an excellent book that describes the coming convergence of information, biology and business, and why being adaptive to change will simply become a cost of doing business. All fits nice and neatly with topics covered in Changing Habits

…and then I read an interesting example of the need to spot change and be adaptive to it, over on Tom Peter’s blog:

And for 15 or 20 or even 30 years I’ve preferred, when possible, outside North
America, British Airways – and actually have enjoyed traversing Heathrow at 5AM
or some such.

But that’s changed in the last 6 months. I’m now squarely a Lufthansa and Frankfurt guy. Heathrow is a disaster, a mess, over-crowded, slowed to a turtle’s pace due to security issues, etc., etc. By contrast—even during major construction—Frankfurt is clean…

Heathrow has its challenges right now, and is in the middle of constructing a new terminal. But that’s no excuse to stop trying to please your customers. (And recruiting cleaners surely can’t be that difficult.) These days, it’s getting even easier to find alternatives…

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