Web-based office apps for small business, by Forbes

Review of web-based office applications proving useful for small businesses. I hadn’t discovered the Google Notebook before, and I have to say, I quite like it. [Update: 4 days later] I like it so much I haven’t used it since playing with it straight after installation. Oh well… Filed in
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Social Networks – Execs use them too, by Business Week

Special report looking into social networking technologies that are beginning to enter the workplace. What’s interesting, when looking at the MySpace phenomena, is how organisations have already had access to these sorts of tools for the past 5 years. The most successful team sites, created on technologies such as Microsoft’s SharePoint Service, IBM’s Lotus QuickPlace and Documentum’s eRooms, have always been those oriented around a social network. Filed in library under: Social Networks

Microsoft Faceted Search

Article on Information Today describing some of the improvements Microsoft has been building into its Search portfolio. One of the most interesting is the introduction of search results clustering. Other products have offered this option for some time, but usually with a hefty price tag attached. If you are not familiar with clustering search results, I’d recommend clicking
on the link to the demo site – http://rwsm.directtaps.net/ – and enter any old search term to see what happens. Hat tip to Mike Pallot for highlighting the article over on his blog. Filed in library under: Microsoft Search

They are your future employees

Mark Prensky’s report from September 2004 is back in the news. It’s an area I’ve been wharbling on about for the past couple of years to large organisations wondering how to improve their IT systems (particularly those who would like to centralise and lock down everything.) Filed in library under: Work

Back to school with the class of Web 2.0

Comprehensive list describing various online tools that are available to support teachers and students. Interesting to see how Web 2.0 can support education. Filed in library under: Education.

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