Google Office

Well it’s about time they announced their plans. Information Week has a good article covering the fuss.


Good post from Ross Mayfield, talking about traditional VC funding versus what’s happening in the Web 2.0 bubble, highlighting how Web 2.0 companies often reduce the value of the market they are in, a challenging concept for VCs looking for high returns on investment.

The new barbarians

Forbes article describing the next wave set to occur in the IT industry – the cheap revolution – and the threat it poses to the current incumbants, particularly Microsoft, Oracle, Sun and others who continue to enjoy high margins.

The Ambassador from the Next Economy

Article in Strategy+Business (free subscription required to access) talking about how Joichi Ito is using the online game World of Warcraft to experiment with new organisational structures. This very much fits with conversations based around the Cluetrain Manifesto, highlighting how traditional ways of working and managing do not fit with this new connected age we are living in. Something has got to give, starting with management by objectives. Bob Sutton has an excellent blog post talking about Joi’s efforts (where this link was discovered). Being filed under Virtual Reality

By Invitation Only

Article in CIO magazine about how RSS can benefit internal systems at organisations, specifically it can replace the burden placed on people to check the intranet. Being filed under News Feeds

Web site updates

  • Podcasts page – new topic (filed under Library > Research), containing links to sites with audio/video content worth listening to
  • SharePoint page – updated content and useful resources
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