If the EU says jump

Great post at the Microsoft Monitor web log describing why you can’t worm your way out of a fine by saying you did more than the fine asked. One example:

If I get a $75 traffic ticket for running a red light, but choose to give $150 to charity as recompense, the court will still fault me for not paying up.

Not sure where to file it yet…

Operations – the new secret source

Post by Tim O’Reilly including comments from Microsoft revealing their data centre strategy. Filed under: Web 2.0

Web 2.0 hierarchy

Post by Tim O’Reilly describing the different levels of Web 2.0 application, from Level 3 – only functions when connected to the web, (e.g. Skype) – through to level 0 – could potentially function as well offline given the ability to cache data locally (e.g. Virtual Earth). Filed under: Web 2.0

Windows Principles:

Press release announcing Microsoft’s tenets for competition on the desktop (i.e. what people are allowed to do with the OS). Filed under: Microsoft

Portrait of a blogger

Survey by Pew Internet & American Life. Apparently less than 15% of bloggers are motivated by making money. They are mostly under 30 and sociable… Filed under: Blogging

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