Five things you must know about VoIP

Information Week article describing Voice of IP and its impact on business. Worth reviewing if you haven’t yet played with Skype or similar technologies. A charity I have been working with has managed to reduce their telecommunications bill by a third thanks to using Skype.

Shop affronts

Article in The Economist, describing how Chinese consumers are grouping up to haggle with retailers, using online social networking tools and mobile phones to organise activities. Perhaps one of the biggest benefits of text messaging (instant and SMS) has been how it has provided a new channel for conversation for groups in situations where such activities have been controlled or banned in the past.

James Governor has noticed that Gartner’s most recent magic quadrant for business intelligence platforms was evaluated based on detailed interviews with 105 reference accounts across at least 16 vendors… and I agree with his thought – this doesn’t seem a particularly deep sample. I have worked with many customers who take Gartner’s magic quadrants as gospel, on the assumption that it is representative of how vendor technologies are deployed and used across their industry.

Social Networking essays

Blog post by Guy Kawasaki linking to three social networking essays worth reading.

RSS vs Atom

Blog post, by Dewitt Clinton, describing the differences between RSS and Atom (technical focus).

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