Futuristic snippets from NewScientist (subscription required to view full article), as reported on 2 May 1974: (I’ll save you the maths – 32 years ago!)

“The push-button telephone that is about to enter service has demanded a completely new technology that may one day turn it into a domestic computer terminal…

…The ultimate would be a full teletype system with a visual display unit that could adopt the full alphanumeric keyboard of a typewriter… This could be used not only to key in complicated statements to a computerised database, but also to send letters over the telephone lines at up to 15 characters per second. “

15 characters per second!!! My computer is overheating itself with excitement at the thought 🙂 Stuff like that is such a reminder of how far we have come in so short a period of time. I can never understand why people want to travel back in time. I want to travel forwards and see what happens next…

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