Why we spend approximately one third of our lives fast asleep is a fascinating topic. Someone once told me that if you deprive a person of sleep for 12 days, they die. Have no idea if it’s true – can’t imagine there being many volunteers to test out the theory.

Anyways, Washington Post has an article about the importance of sleep: Scientists Finding Out What Losing Sleep Does to a Body. Not too many surprises but a good reminder that can get forgotten in an increasingly hectic world.

And a related article over on Wired: Dark Underbelly of Technology. The author might call himself a luddite, but I agree with his sentiments (and I don’t think I’m a luddite). I love technology when it provides practical benefits for people and, thanks to owning horses, I love getting back to nature too. Keeps things in perspective – it’s all about balance. Mememorandum and tracking a few key blogs are enabling me to follow tech news much faster than before, freeing up time. For me, time is the most precious commodity there is.

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