Sat listening to BBC Breakfast News with a cup of coffee, catching up on my reading pile (horses are fed and it’s too early to turn them out). They have a section covering ‘Drawing week’ (or something similar) with both presenters claiming not to be able to draw

I was recommended a great book that proves absolutely anybody can be taught to draw. It’s called ‘Drawing on the Right Side of the Brain’ by Betty Edwards

And it works! What’s amazing is that it doesn’t seem to matter how good/bad your initial drawing efforts are, everyone ends up able to draw with similar results

The most fascinating exercise is drawing a picture upside down. Even with the most simple of line pictures, your drawing is far far superior when you draw it upside down. You capture subtleties that your brain skips over when you look at the picture as a whole (viewing it upside down confuses your brain – can’t figure out what the picture is, so stops trying to and lets you draw it exactly as it is).

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