Joining Dots is an independent practice specialising in the analysis of systems, data and human dynamics to identify and visualise potential, support better decision making and develop evidence-based strategies for change

Consulting services are available in three formats:

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Analysis and Visualisation

iStock_puzzle-squareCombining datamining with storytelling to evaluate a topic and present outcomes with memorable impact. Be it to inform, guide, encourage debate, challenge assumptions or inspire action. Includes data prep, spatial/temporal modelling, media production and delivery

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Discovery Workshops

istock_ideabulb3-squareShort intensive meetings to explore an idea, troubleshoot a system, share industry research or scope a scenario. Creating a low-risk / low-cost environment to quickly identify potential, avoid pitfalls and provide instant direction to help move projects forward

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Strategic Consulting

iStock_chess3-squareHelping organisations evaluate performance and explore opportunities to modernise systems. Activities include organisational analysis, scenario mapping, benefits realisation frameworks, defining strategic priorities and developing roadmaps for introducing change

Available in two formats: an ‘on-demand’ subscription for mentoring and industry insights, or an interim ‘virtual advisor’ role for more in-depth engagements

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If you have an idea, system, project or event that could benefit from a fresh and independent perspective, please Get in touch!


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