Joining Dots combines research into technology futures with data modelling and behavioural studies. Providing an independent perspective to inform strategic decisions about the use and value of technologies altering the ‘intelligence – decision – action’ cycle in everyday activities

Three services are available:

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Exploratory Workshops

istock_ideabulb3-squareProviding instant ideas and direction to motivate and help move projects forward. From 1:1 guidance and ’round table’ meetings to interactive workshops. Creating a low-risk low-cost environment to explore potential, troubleshoot issues and refine options

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Analysis and Visualisation

iStock_chess3-squareInvestigating a scenario and crafting evidence-based materials to assist decision-making. Be it to guide, encourage debate, challenge assumptions, or inspire action. Outcomes range from concise executive reports to data-driven simulations for asking ‘what if…?’

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Strategic Consulting

iStock_puzzle-squareTailored engagements to help organisations evaluate and plan digital investments. Either to modernise existing systems or introduce new capabilities. Balancing the art of possibilities with the pragmatic realities of an organisation’s position and current priority

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If you have a project that could benefit from a fresh and independent perspective, please contact us to discuss how we can help


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