Joining Dots is an independent consulting practice connecting systems, trends and human dynamics to create evidence-based strategies for change

Services are divided into two: 1) Visualising potential to enable more informed decisions by combining data, cognitive and computer sciences; 2) Embedding digital, social and mobile in everyday activities to create smarter systems

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Analysis and Visualisation

istock_ideabulb3-squareExploring potential to support evidence-based decision making. Combining data analysis with industry research and storytelling to investigate a topic and present with memorable impact. Be it to inform, guide, encourage debate, challenge assumptions or inspire action

The outcome is a report, presentation, prototype or demonstration for delivery at public and private events and for use in strategic communications. Ranging from clear and concise executive summaries to web-based interactive models simulating ‘what if?’ scenarios and visualising practical realities: ‘Now that you see it, is it what you expected?’ Spotting benefits and issues early in projects can improve engagement and avoid costly mistakes

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Digital Strategy Advisor

iStock_chess3-squareHelping organisations plan and introduce digital investments to modernise and improve performance of the ‘intelligence – decision – action’ cycle. Activities include organisational analysis, benefits realisation frameworks, scenario mapping, and solution design

Each engagement is individually tailored to apply emerging trends within the context of an organisation’s current position and strategic direction. Balancing business, social and economic factors to deliver targeted improvements

Available as a flexible engagement model that can include on-demand meetings for short intensive reviews and instant guidance, and providing an interim role as a ‘virtual advisor’ for more in-depth project assistance

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If you have an idea, system, project or event that could benefit from a fresh and independent perspective, please Get in touch!


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